Update on Bay Meadows Fire

>> Tuesday, February 24, 2009

As most of you know Bay Meadows apartments suffered a large fire to one of their buildings this past weekend and displaced 20 people. I am trying to help facilitate some help to these families. I stopped by the apartment complex this morning to see what we could do to help and they will be collecting things for the people at the clubhouse. They are also setting up a relief type fund with Bank of America. They should have a more information in the next 24 hours about the specifics of what and where to put things. All of the people lost pretty much everything. It is mostly adults and elderly in the building. There are 2, 4 year old girls who were the only children involved.

Most of the people are in a hotel for the next couple of days but there are two of the families who were moved to open units in the complex. One of those is a friend of mine from church. Her name is Tami Ishbrwood. She, her husband, her twin 4 year old girls, mentioned earlier, and mother lived in one of these apartments. I spoke with her this morning and they pretty much lost everything. Their immediate needs are mattresses, any furniture, kitchen items, cleaning items, clothing. If you want to specifically contribute to her family you can drop things off at my house and I will deliver it to her. If you have large items, I can put you in touch with her to figure out the specifics of getting things to her. She did mention she is in the middle of her doctorate and if anyone has an old laptop computer that is something she would appreciate.

I would also love to put together a meal schedule, if anyone is interested, for the Ishbrwood family to just shower some love on them. Let me know if that is something you want to do and I will organize it.

Thanks again for helping as you always do.
Debbie Wilson


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